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Books are our most accessible source for information and training.  Whether you are TDY to the desert, stationed at a remote, in the CONUS, or even a civilian, you can buy and read books any time.  We choose Barnes and Noble as our sole source because they have some of the lowest prices.   If you have a link that you or someone you know found helpful, send it to syscon2000 at

New NCO?  Been one for awhile? Here is a book that I wish I read sooner.  I also think that any person in any leadership position should read this book or listen to it on tape. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell can enable you and your organization/team to accomplish its mission, thrive in adversity and stand out as certain achievers.  This isn't Quality Air Force, this is leadership.  It is a great recommendation for any rank, E-1 to O-10.


To find Cisco books at (the link will take you directly to the Cisco listings)
dcn.jpg (6124 bytes)Try Designing Cisco Networks, a Cisco Press book

CCNA Study Guide  by Todd Lammle Lammle's CCNA Study Guide...the best out there! and Simulates three 2501 routers and a 1900 switch!

Perl in 21 days.  Great way to start
Windows NT Perl Programming is a great book for perl programmers looking to interface Office files among others into web applications.  Not for beginners!

TCP/IP Illustrated, Vol 1 - a very thorough explanation of the protocol.  One of the best references I have seen to date!


Hacking ExposedHacking Exposed (Third Edition) has usable examples, scripts and theory.
This is the best book available for hacking and securing UNIX, NT, Novell systems, as well as Cisco routers!  It uses simple language, shows you exactly how to hack a specific vulnerability, and then (most importantly) how to secure it!  I highly recommend this book. 



Windows NT Security Handbook Older book that is still very helpful.   Also has a few examples.