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This is the knowledge base for our career. There will be a great deal of ethernet, ATM and TCP/IP sources here. Other information for data communications can be found here too. If you have a link that you or someone you know found helpful, send it to syscon2000 at

Make a test for three-level upgrade or even certification testing with mketest
Here is a listing of default passwords and cmos passwords  To be used for good, not evil.

Microsoft XP command line reference for passing commands via the DOS prompt or rclient

There are several sources for routing, configuring and maintaining routers, etc.  Here are some I have found to actually be somewhat helpful.  If you have some good knowledge bases for Tech Controllers, send them to me at syscon2000 at

Here is a great site for Cisco certification.

This is possibly the best article on interior routing protocols I have ever stumbled across.  It is in the 18 Feb 2002 Network Computing issue and can be viewed at:  It covers RIP and OSPF.  For you Cisco proprietary protocol lovers, read up on how to redistribute and/or migrate your EIGRP to a standards-based protocol.  Using heterogeneous systems that perform routing such as some VPNs and firewalls may require you to run these routing protocols.  The Network Computing magazine is a great source for information.  Remember, they offer free subscriptions and should be a part of your periodical library! 


I am still looking for good online sources for switching, that is layer 2 Ethernet types.  Two areas to start looking at are VLANs and Spanning Tree.  Just a few ideas to keep in mind when laying out a network, always keep management on a separate VLAN, with access control.  You may also wish to have yet another VLAN for security administration such as IDS and others.  For STP, try to statically assign the root bridge to a core router, one with high-availability (HA) engineered in.  Since most layer 2 devices in the enterprise have STP turned up by default, this could save you a lot of downtime and BDPU storms.  For the vernacular, pick up Radia Perlman's Interconnections. 


Webstart Communications has made a HUGE link page for standards, RFCs, and pretty much anything else you could want to know. From ADSL and ATM to VRML and xDSL. Start here.



Here is THE link: Cisco Internetworking Primer

Or these links on the Cisco website
SNMP - a primer for Cisco products
Configuring IP Routing on a Cisco Router
Configuring Cisco ATM products.

HP Openview

If you have access to ACC's mil-only web site, look at the NOSC's HP OV tutorial. It is not bad at all. As soon as I find a civilian site, other than HP's, I'll post it. Feel free to suggest one if you know of one.
HP's start-page for OpenView. Let me know if this is still an active link.


Yahoo LAN/WAN Search Page.

Last update: 26 MAY 02