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USAF Tech Controller's
Web Page

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This is the systems control / tech control source page. My goal here is to provide tech controllers with a way to get useful information for their current jobs and to aid in their job search. You can even post your resume here!  I want to encourage the exchange of useful information for all of us.   You will find a lot of information on networking, network security (hacking/anti-hacking), employment, server administration, communications protocols, LAN/WAN, and more.  For more information, scroll down to "What You'll Find"


(12/02/07) News: This site is now behind a better firewall and will be migrating to a message board format soon. Check back often.

(05/25/07) Link: Updated, script-kiddie interface. This makes it easy for anyone with a little clue to run multiple exploits against a target. It is called The Metasploit Framework. You should be aware of this tool. In fact, I personally recommend using it in a test environment (security lab) to see how easy it is, all that it does, and analyze its fingerprint. For the linux-phobes, yes, there is a Windows port too.

(07/10/06) Books: Some books I recommend are Masters of War (Author: Handel), Boyd - The Fighter Pilot that Changed the Art of War (Author: Coram).

New NCO?  Been one for awhile? Here is a book that I wish I read sooner.  I also think that any person in any leadership position should read this book or listen to it on tape. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell can enable you and your organization/team to accomplish its mission, thrive in adversity and stand out as certain achievers.  This isn't Quality Air Force, this is leadership.  It is a great recommendation for any rank, E-1 to O-10.

Free Tech Magazine Subscriptions!  Click on the magazine link in the blue sidebar.  These are free industry magazines.   Just fill out an online survey that basically states your role in purchasing decisions.  Think of your responsibilities in tech solutions and that is enough.  I subscribe to three of them and they are an immense help for new equipment and just staying current.  They are at

Thank you for all who visit. I need feed back on what you do and do not like about the site.  Are there things you want to see? Let me know and I will be happy to make changes to make our site the most productive and worthwhile site for our type. E-mail me at "syscon2000 at eglnetworking dotcom" as I check it every day. (recently changed e-mail addresses because of unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam)). Note, any Unsolicited E-Mail (UCE) received at this address will receive a $30.00 handling charge, per e-mail, to be paid by the sender AND company advertised.

What You'll Find

The areas to the left are categories I believe will be useful. I will have some original thoughts here and there, but the real goal of this page is to point you to where you can find the best, most useful its source!
The Jobs area is just that. It is a way to point you toward the better, focused job search engines for our career field. These include placement agencies, job boards, and hiring companies themselves.
The info-base is a knowledge base to networking and telecommunications. I will focus on TCP/IP, ATM, and telco related information. I will also include network management info here, and point you toward some server, Enterasys & Cisco router configuration.  Remember, never stop learning.  Check here for good books for certification and a few bargains.   This is a very important area for cert sources. The Info-Sec (Information Security) page has some areas where you can learn great stuff like html & information protection (yes, hacking and anti-hacking)!
The links area will be to others' pages. This will be where you can find other tech controller's personal pages as well as the page that gave me the idea to write this one...the Telecommunications Systems Control Association (TSCA) web page.

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