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Looking for a job are ya? Great! Everything is categorized here. If you have a link that you or someone you know found helpful, send it to syscon2000 at eglnetworking dot com.

NEWS: You have to stand out in the crowd.  Being a tech controller helps you do this, but it is only part of the total solution.  Besides just posting a well laid out, clean html resume, also include a fact sheet.  Have you ever had a supervisor ask you to list your accomplishments in the last two years for your PCS award?  Think of it as that, but for your whole career.  Quantify return on investment (ROI), e.g. Sergeant Brown saved the U. S. Air Force $100,000 in repair costs by....  This is your time to brag about what you did.  DO NOT EMBELLISH!  Nobody hires those with a lack of integrity.  Only give the facts and why it was good.  Did your accomplishments result in a medal?  Say so.  Was it covered in the base newspaper? Tell them about it.  Look at some of the resumes here and get some ideas on what to do.


Please feel free to email your openings.  As your positions are filled, please email me so I can remove the job.  As of right now, all postings are free.  Send to syscon2000 at eglnetworking dot com.  All postings will expire in six months.

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RecruitersAre you a recruiter for information technology professionals?  We have a special page dedicated to posting your available positions.  Thousands of military information technology professional visit this site and many are looking to the future.  If you have positions available, please email them to syscon2000 at eglnetworking dot com.   They will be posted as soon as possible.

Resumes!!! Now you can post your HTML pre-coded resume on line! Click here for more information.

Categories The Jobs area is just that. It is a way to point you toward the better, focused job search engines for our career field. These include placement agencies, job boards, and hiring companies themselves.

Job Boards
WWW.DICE.COM is probably the most focused way to start your search. You can even search by the city you want to live in!
Head Hunters Web Page is for all jobs, but has a large datacomm and LAN/WAN area. will help you immensely.  Create a profile.  You can keep it private too.

Last update: 26-Apr-2004