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New!  Water Walkers club!  A great site and message board for water walkers to network and keep in touch.
Are you swinging fron Chambers' nuts?  Is the whole world (in your eyes) a Cisco world? It is at this site. It is heavy with advertisement links, but it has an enormous amount of Cisco and Cisco Certification information.
Telecommunications Systems Control Association (TSCA / Tech Control)) web page.

IP Subnet Calculator - Gives all the good info like CIDR block, hosts & networks.

Perl Links is where it all started.  Learn about the language, and get a primer on how to begin programming.  A lot of hacking take place with and because of perl.  Anyone would do well to at least know of perl. has a perl engine for Windows.  Use this for the perl scripts you may find in the security area.   Note: Linux and most other flavors of Unix come with a perl engine.