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This is where resumes from tech controllers are posted as they contact me.  I will be keeping this updated.  If you have a link that you or someone you know found helpful, send it to syscon2000 at eglnetworking dot com. 

Resume List: (let the candidate know where you saw his/her resume)
Resume1 Network Security Engineer
Resume2 Tech Controller/Network Engineer (MS Word) NEW a/o 10/21/05


Please feel free to email your openings.  As your positions are filled, please email me so I can remove the job.  As of right now, all postings are free.  Send to syscon2000 at eglnetworking dot com.  All postings will expire in six months.

Now you can post your HTML pre-coded resume on line!   Email it to me at syscon2000 at eglnetworking dot com and I'll post it ASAP. It could take up to a week to post it. I will periodically remove old resumes (about every six months).